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WaggleWeight® Company

The WaggleWeight® Company was officially formed in 2005 by Bill Kostuj, not as a result of some longstanding dream, but rather as a somewhat sudden vision that it should be begun based on life experiences accumulated to that point.  It might even be said that he was compelled to begin the business rather than having a conscious choice to do so.  These experiences have included but are hardly limited to a common childhood dream of the day and intense effort to become a professional baseball player as a youngster, a somewhat gradual switch to playing golf as a predominant activity during college years, a decades-long pursuit of playing golf for a living as a professional golfer, and receiving an undergraduate degree in (electronics) engineering.

The company’s initial product(s) and service(s) were largely formed around the development of the advanced golf club specification generically named “Dynamic™ Swingweight” (originally named “Waggle Weight” but since changed), one of the most important innovations ever introduced to the game of golf (and not necessarily limited to golf).  However, the WaggleWeight® Company’s innovative work and insight is hardly limited to products and services surrounding Dynamic™ Swingweighting.  The company is already developing other cutting-edge golf products and services including the “Clean Hands™” process of swing development and/or clubfitting and the “Golf Grip Hand Structure Efficiency Device.”  Notwithstanding these advanced golf-related products and services, the company does not consider itself to be strictly a golf-related business.  Additional business and/or personal information may also be provided elsewhere where deemed suitable, such as but not limited to the WaggleWeight® Home and WaggleWeight® Press Releases pages.


Waggle Weight Wisdom™

The Waggle Weight Wisdom™ body of work, which can comprise various sections, is principally educational material that fundamentally focuses on highly insightful advice regarding a golf swing and the fitting of related equipment, based on the experiences of long-time golf professional Bill Kostuj.  Just one piece of his overall education includes years in pursuit of a playing career in golf, part of which comprises more than thirty-five hundred pages of hand-written golf notes along the way.  This has partially contributed to his unprecedented knowledge regarding certain aspects of the noted subjects.  The effort may also recite the progress of trying to further bring the WaggleWeight® Company business and vision to the attention of (but not limited to) the golfing world.


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