Consultation and Instruction

Individual and Business Consultations: Consultations are available from the WaggleWeight® Company in all applicable areas of experience.  This includes but is not limited to topics addressed or introduced within the various sections of the Waggle Weight Wisdom™ body of work.  Certain topics as originally disclosed can sometimes still only be partially discussed for various reasons but can be gotten into much more deeply in a different format such as personal consulting.  These topics could not even be partially discussed without having deeper and proper understandings of golf swing and clubfitting principles.  Such understandings could help achieve considerably greater success.

Other Instruction: Although not primary interests, an openness also exists for providing individual or group lessons and enlightening presentations or seminars under the WaggleWeight® name for help in learning proper golf swing and/or clubfitting theory and/or practice skills and how to apply such skills toward the most successful development of one’s personal golf game or an entire golf-related business.  Many previous teachings in these areas remain horribly incorrect and routinely prevent desired success.

Rates could vary substantially depending upon individual circumstances and really cannot even be approximated here.  For a quote, please feel free to contact the WaggleWeight® Company with some information about yourself or business as a potential client and what is desired in the way of consulting or other instruction.