Consultation and Instruction


Individual and Business Consultations: Consultations are available from the WaggleWeight® Company in all applicable areas of experience and expertise.  These areas include but are not limited to topics introduced and/or addressed within the various sections of the Waggle Weight Wisdom™ body of work.  Many topics addressed might still only be partly discussed within these pages for various reasons, but can be gotten into much more deeply in a different format such as personal consulting.  These topics could not even be partially discussed in the manners they are without having deeper and proper understandings of golf swing and clubfitting principles.  And other topics about which the company is also expertly qualified to consult with (potentially extending even beyond the game of golf) have not even been publicly displayed yet, so if interested please contact the company regarding exactly what is needed in order to determine whether it is within the realm of the company’s expertise.  Comprehending such subjects better could help achieve considerably greater individual and/or business success.

The terms consultation and instruction might be interchangeable to some degree depending upon the precise nature of a service.  Broadly speaking, consultation refers more to a providing of cerebral knowledge for another to work with and more commonly might be performed remotely if desired, while instruction frequently entails more physical interaction and might more commonly be performed in person.  Yet there can be many exceptions to either.  Largely due to continuing expansions of services like the Internet, where “free” advice can be offered and/or accessed by virtually anyone without regard to any legitimate qualification(s), incredibly erroneous and even nonsensical recommendations regarding various golf swing and/or clubfitting elements are also at an all-time high.  This has made the golf industry in general and the clubfitting trade in particular look embarrassingly bad and seemingly still getting worse by the day, with more and more people becoming disenchanted with and abandoning the game (justifiably so).  (Due to common terms of use [including copyright issues] typically contained on websites such as golf forums, no one in his/her right mind having any respect whatsoever for his/her own work would ever post any original corrective and/or other protectable matter on such sites, fittingly labeling such sites according to their prominent histories of consistently rehashed and error-laden postings and resultant extremely poor reputations).

Largely in light of these developments and in an ever-changing world, at least a couple of newly formed specialty positions would seem to be in order and for which the WaggleWeight® Company is aptly qualified.  These would be roles of Golf Swing Consultant and/or Clubfitting Consultant.  Such positions are desperately needed within the game of golf right now to skillfully help individuals and/or business distinguish between legitimate and quality information to work with and the incessantly growing mountain of trash that is at an all-time high and really stinking up the game right now regarding these fundamental golfing subjects.  Such consultations can for instance serve as agents (confidentially if desired) where there might be a concern(s) between a golfer and swing instructor and/or clubfitter.  Or in cases where golfers prefer (or feel the necessity) to learn on their own as much as possible (an increasingly popular approach as public advice on the whole increasingly becomes more nonsensical), a swing instructor and/or clubfitter might in fact be totally unneeded.  A highly qualified consultant in these areas can potentially save a client significant time and/or expense toward achieving better golfing success.  Similar consultations can also be skillfully performed on a business level.  Due to its background and areas of advanced expertise, the WaggleWeight® Company is perfectly suited to provide such consultations.

Other Instruction: Although not primary focuses of the company at this particular time, real openness also exists for providing individual or group lessons and enlightening presentations or seminars under the WaggleWeight® name.  Such instruction prominently comprises critical corrections and/or augmentations regarding previously formed golf swing and/or clubfitting theories and practices.  Terribly flawed instruction of the past has been one contributing factor taking a horrible toll on the game of golf in recent times, in forms not limited to a declining participation in and a poorer reputation of the game overall.  But in having soundly corrected and/or augmented inordinately defective instruction of the past regarding the noted foundational golfing topics, being properly instructed in the correct theories and practices by the WaggleWeight® Company will help accomplish far greater success than previously possible.  The corrected and/or augmented theories and practices are so profoundly advanced in nature that not only will individual golfers and/or businesses of all sizes potentially benefit greatly, but the instructional material(s) as a whole will ultimately have to be universally complied with across the entire industry, resulting in substantial change to some elements of the game of golf into the future.  There is quite literally no other alternative if the game is to survive and grow because the instructional material(s) is simply so much more proper than in the past.

Please note here that consultation and instruction may also come under the name of Clean Hands™, a trademark that accompanies various products and services based upon, though not exclusively limited to, theories, practices, and other information contained within The Clean Hands™ Manual of Golf Swing and Clubfitting Performance, a manual associated with the WaggleWeight® Company.

Rates could vary considerably depending upon individual circumstances and really cannot even be approximated here.  To obtain such an estimate or quote, please feel free to contact the WaggleWeight® Company with some information about yourself and/or business and exactly what is desired in the way of consulting or other instruction as a potential client.  Improved performance is guaranteed.