Intellectual Property and Investment

Intellectual Property: WaggleWeight® products and services including the fitting/making of golf clubs for golfers utilizing the advanced waggle weight golf club specification, golfer/golf club pre-swing rotation point location devices, and balancing scales to measure the waggle weight golf club specification are covered under US Patent Numbers 7,509,842, 7,509,843, and 8,074,495 and also patented similarly in Australia (2005302549) and Canada (2,583,687).  The WaggleWeight® Service Mark is US Registered Trademark Number 4,030,412, with the same mark separately approved as a Product Trademark pending submitted proof of use in commerce.  Additionally, more advanced methods of golf swing development and clubfitting that will forever change these facets of the game of golf for the better are US Patent Pending (US 12/217,569).  Registered Copyrights include all Waggle Weight Wisdom™ material, fully expected to ultimately become THE most referenced standalone manual(s) comprising golf swing and clubfitting theory and practice far more correct than any of its predecessors. subjects.  Any of these and other documents may be added within the WaggleWeight® Company website in the future for convenient reference.

Licensing or Endorsing: Clubfitters, clubfitting organizations, and other entity types including but not limited to swing instruction entities might if qualified be eligible for licensing or endorsing by the visionary WaggleWeight® Company.  Such an association may permit the use of certain intellectual property that includes patents, trademarks, and/or copyrights that could help achieve considerably greater operating success.  Such intellectual property continues to be developed by the company and is expected to remain at the forefront of correcting and/or completing flawed golf industry directions of the past related to golf swing and clubfitting theory and practice and more, thus revolutionizing areas of the golf industry into the future.

Complete and total training or retraining from an entity’s current state of golf swing and/or clubfitting knowledge may not necessarily be required.  This will have to be determined and performed on an individual basis, as there are currently no formal classes taking place or planned for the instructing of correct basic through advanced golf swing and/or clubfitting principles.  Only the highest levels of proper knowledge, skill, and integrity can be chosen to be associated with the standards developed by the WaggleWeight® Company.

Sale and Investment: Though not currently planned, the sale of any individual elements of the company or even the company as a whole can never be ruled out under the right circumstances.  The WaggleWeight® Company, a shrewd, growing company that will forever be renowned for implementing and influencing some of the most important foundational and badly needed product and service transformations in the history of the game of golf, is always interested in considering investors, investment capital, partners, and the like toward potentially helping the company and its products and services to develop better and/or more quickly.

Please feel free to contact the WaggleWeight® Company for additional information.