My Fitting Today: original inquiry on GolfWRX on 04/20/2019 – entry #2

The deterioration of the clubfitting industry to the pathetic state it is currently in might seem somewhat abrupt to certain people, but it has actually been occurring over a very long time already.

And with due respect to the man, Wishon, probably more than any other single individual, has contributed to long, slow declines in the performance and reputation of the clubfitting trade as a whole, declines that started or accelerated when his brand of clubfitting material began to be released.

He started with some of what (Ralph) Maltby began, but instead of improving on it Wishon took much of it in a backward direction based on his own experiences. Maybe the man is the greatest clubhead designer that ever lived. But that is primarily a totally different, full-time occupation in and of itself than that of clubfitting. And it is a plain fact that Wishon is not very good at knowing clubfitting.

As far as the PCS, I vaguely recall that it went bust largely because someone embezzled its funds, but it was already falling apart anyway mainly because of the flawed clubfitting instruction it provided. (I have no first-hand knowledge about how much if any of the organization’s materials were developed based on Wishon’s work, so I will have to defer to you about that).

But I am informing you here that if you practiced swingweighting and grip-sizing techniques the way you learned them from the PCS and as you described them in this thread, then you were right in the middle of an extended downturn that contributed to the delinquency of the clubfitting trade, eventually resulting in where the pitiful industry sits today.