My Fitting Today: original inquiry on GolfWRX on 04/20/2019 – entry #3

The bulk of my work that I have decided to display to this point is viewable. Just not here, as various terms of the forum actually discourage the posting of any original, corrected, and advanced materials (and it is working, at least for me) unless one is a paying sponsor of the site. So in the end it is hardly an open and unbiased forum, which is fairly easy to see.

Among these terms, for all practical purposes anything posted becomes virtually owned by the site. This is no big deal for the types of rehashed materials that have been around seemingly forever, but a different matter altogether for new material capable of guiding the industry forward. So regarding sharing any original work directly on the forum, especially information that technically corrects past erroneous materials, currently I cannot do that despite a strong desire to help poor golfers (and clubfitters).

It is admittedly a frequent struggle trying to decide whether to post any original matter directly on this and/or similar sites to publicize it more quickly (but with a potentially very heavy price to pay of gravely diluting any intellectual property rights), or refrain from posting any original matter directly on such sites, likely further delaying any spreading of my work.

The latter has won out thus far and I sense no immediate changes. Under the circumstances, I mostly limit my forum comments to rehashed information already very commonly known (some of this rehashed information is indeed correct) and/or pointing out where the industry is flawed for example yet stopping short of directly posting any required solutions. With that and within the scope of my work and research results, I am justly abiding by the published terms devised by the forum site.

If you are content with the current state of the industry and the ongoing inaccurate forum postings (made by people who have helped make a mess of a situation that already existed in golf even worse over time with such public comments), then so be it.

But if you desire corrected, advanced information and solutions that the industry needs very badly right now and that can help move the game forward rather than backward, then you will need to reference a separate site for that or suggest any other acceptable alternatives if hoping to see any of that information posted directly here. Any honest feedback is appreciated.