My Fitting Today: original inquiry on GolfWRX on 04/20/2019 – entry #4

Your post pretty much exemplifies everything that I originally stated.

I do not know what brought about your comments specifically surrounding shaft weight and balance point, as I never stated that the shaft and/or certain shaft parameters should be completely brushed off or anything even close to that.

But based on your perception and comments, anyone capable of fitting a golf club to a golfer’s swing knows which other club specification(s) needs to be adjusted and in what manner(s) in order to help bring out the golfer’s best swinging when weights and/or balance points of various shafts differ. This is rather elementary clubfitting knowledge and universal in nature.

Then again, if one does not really know how to fit a club to a golfer’s swing, and one is in a different world of really only knowing how to use a launch monitor and its numbers to basically just alter ball travel results (the strike as you term it is merely an element of ball travel result), then naturally one (actually an entire trade here) would not likely possess the education and skill needed to enact the above.

It is funny (yet sad) how most appear to agree about how much the clubfitting industry is generally stinking up the whole game currently, that is unless of course they are referring to themselves, where then everybody is an exception and never part of the problem.

And when I state that the entire trade from top to bottom desperately needs to be reeducated and retrained basically from the ground up if it ever hopes to possibly recover and grow, the statement is blindly ignored and so no progress can be made.