My Fitting Today: original inquiry on GolfWRX on 04/20/2019

And now you, like countless others in more recent times, have learned why the clubfitting industry has become such a laughable joke that continues to contribute to the diminishing popularity and reputation of and participation in the game.

Some might chime in and attempt to say that a demo day is not a real clubfitting and that you need to search out an entity that is more comprehensive. But more comprehensive entities are commonly even worse than demo days. Obsessing about the shaft as being the most critical club component is one (though hardly the only) telltale sign of an incompetent clubfitting process.

Fancy launch monitors are merely glorified devices for fitting clubs based on ball travel results. And they have turned the heads of gullible golfers (and clubfitters alike) so easily that this has resulted in the pitiful trade not even knowing how to fit a club to a golfer’s swing anymore. (At least there was some semblance of some people able to do this before launch monitors helped to reveal how truly bad the trade currently is overall).

There are people that have posted here as many as 20,000 times or more and yet still have no idea whatsoever of what swingweighting even is and/or how to fit grip size so a golfer can accomplish his/her maximum swing speed and control. Unless and until this (rightly) ridiculed industry is retrained and reeducated essentially from the ground up with competent clubfitting theories and practices, the whole game will continue to move more toward complete extinction, guaranteed.

And with all due respect, this includes relearning what you previously learned in order to become a “Class A” clubfitter (whatever that is supposed to signify). The swingweighting and grip sizing procedures as you learned and described them in order to gain your certification are dead wrong. Yes, the clubfitting trade is this bad from top to bottom, no exaggeration needed.