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Matters of the Original Waggle Weight Wisdom™ Column

This section of Waggle Weight Wisdom™ can be an extremely valuable supplement. It is structured in a manner that may lead to disclosing certain subjects sooner than otherwise, more comprehensively, and/or even adding new topics or topic details that might never be planned for or mentioned in original WWW work. But it is by no means meant to be a replacement or substitute for the original WWW column, because that column discloses and exhaustively details numerous other concepts, theories, and practices not likely to be mentioned or mentioned in a more abbreviated fashion here. To that end, please be sure to visit the original Waggle Weight Wisdom™ section to comprehensively and accurately expand your understanding of the golf swing and clubfitting elements presented.

Linking Today’s Golf Forums to the Game’s Ugly Deterioration: Part Two

In continuing what I started in Part One, I have been ready for quite some time already to help straighten out the dreadful and embarrassing mess that has been created over time by the golf industry as a whole and severely threatens the entire game, largely referring here to golf swing and clubfitting technical knowledge that forms the innermost core of playing, administering, and also growing the game of golf. But the terms commonly imposed by golf forums on contributors have made this essentially impossible to do through that particular medium. I am certainly not proud to be associated with the game of golf right now, and given the disgust and embarrassment I feel regarding the behavior and performance of the golf industry overall I am not really sure why I have any concern left at all for the game.

But at least here I will be able to contribute original, more correct, and fully protectable content in answering specific forum inquiries made on other sites to help out poor golfers and others that have been subjected to some of the senselessness and ineptness especially contained on most golf forums (but including other golf media outlets as well). And I can do so unencumbered by thoughts of my hard, original work being essentially legally stolen, used, and even altered by clueless forum owners and/or workers neither capable of comprehending the material to begin with nor developing such material, as well as no compensation or credit given for original work I developed (as per some of the self-serving terms or rules commonly published).

Now I am not referring here to (more…)

Linking Today’s Golf Forums to the Game’s Ugly Deterioration: Part One

The following information reveals the crucial need for this particular augmentation of Waggle Weight Wisdom™.

There are postings made on various golf forums by individuals who oftentimes provide some reliable answers, individuals that appear to truly care and really want to help those having inquiries.  I could certainly support some of these individuals regarding certain topics.  On the whole, however, golf forums as they exist today are among the very worst places for getting accurate information about subjects like golf swing and clubfitting fundamentals.  This is particularly true for those seriously trying to learn or improve at the game (as opposed to more casual players), and in large measure the future of golf rests in the hands of what such people are taught about the game.  In view of this, the future of golf is currently in an awful lot of trouble.  There are a number of reasons that contribute to a rather poor reputation regarding forums, and I might further address these reasons in a separate Waggle Weight Wisdom™ article(s) at some future point.

But I will point out a couple of important ones right here and now.  The first is (more…)

Monitoring Clubfitting Trade Incompetence via Launch Monitor Procedures

On one of the current internet golf forums, a member having the name of wobgan asks an interesting question that is quite relevant for golf these days, about whether launch monitors are good for the game. None of the replies to the inquiry really addressed or even seemed to understand the far more important issue(s) going on with the clubfitting trade in particular these days, so I will discuss just a bit of what the true problem(s) is aimed toward wobgan’s inquiry.

At some point your inquiry might have some relevancy to it, but the commercial clubfitting trade as a whole is still so much in its infancy that it is a very premature question to say the least.

Many of the current clubfitting theories and practices typically applied to golfers and that underlie any use of launch monitors, from golf club balancing protocols, to grip size fitting, to the crucial order in which club specifications are fit, and far more, are universally (more…)

A Brief Introduction to the Weighting Game for Golf Clubs

Scottie68 asks a question that can be at least partly replied to as follows. Plainly stated, you will not find a “best” thread regarding a topic that relates swingweight, total weight, and even grip weight to each other because there simply is none, particularly within the realm of the Worrisome Reasonless Xenogolf and other similar website forums. (No one with half a brain would ever contribute any original and protectable content to such sites due to the terms of posting they publish, and they are mostly populated with “experts” who commonly have very limited, incorrect, and/or incomplete knowledge, largely just repeating what they have heard from other clueless people. You mostly get what you pay for on such sites, and it is reader beware to be sure).

With that said, you will not find a best thread largely, though not entirely, because even after being around for nearing 100 years now, the golf club specification of swingweight generally remains extremely poorly comprehended by virtually the entire golf industry. In fact, the clubfitting trade, which “theoretically” should understand such a golf club specification the best, actually seems to understand it the worst, which is conspicuously demonstrated every minute of every day on (more…)

Nailing the Clubfitting Trade Coffin Shut One Nail at a Time

On the Worrisome Reasonless Xenogolf forum website, a poster with the member name of Noodler pretty much epitomizes how utterly bad forum sites like that can be and why the clubfitting industry remains the embarrassing laughingstock that it is (and rightly so). After initially making a loser type of comment that he would have clicked on a dislike button if there was one available in response to an earlier poster’s legitimate comments regarding golf club swingweighting, Noodler then proceeds to display his incredible ignorance and total lack of knowledge regarding the very same subject with the quote, “Adding weight to the grip end of the club does not reduce the MOI of the club. Adding weight to the grip fools the swingweight scale, but it won’t fool your brain; the swing heft of the club will not be reduced for the golfer (it will actually go up a bit).”

Such totally uninformed and/or inexperienced comments are generally made by golfers (and/or so-called professional clubfitters) whose golfing motions have never (more…)

A Clubfitting Poll that is Clearly Before its Time

Without explicitly mentioning the name of the particular online forum here largely because of the post’s more generalized nature of being presented as a poll, a recent post has attempted to take a poll and solicited votes generally regarding how golfers rate the clubfitting experiences they have personally been through and/or how important they feel clubfitting is to themselves and/or potentially to the game of golf. Because some of the responses were sufficiently entertaining in nature, yet so very sad at the same time, I was prompted to take the time to write and present the following. The poll and associated responses have seemed somewhat appropriate for this Halloween.

Many posting in the noted poll readily acknowledge directly or indirectly that the clubfitting industry as a whole is basically in a shambles at this point in time (and rightly so), with few (if any) truly knowledgeable clubfitters around the globe that have appropriate clubfitting skills to even turn to if one is not sufficiently skilled to fit oneself. And then, in essentially the same sentence, several posters have commented that under these current circumstances one of the few people they would trust to do a clubfitting for them would be (more…)

The Big Butts of a Little Clubfitting Trade

A poster on the Worrisome Reasonless Xenogolf forum website with the member name of drumdude96 wants to know why graphite shaft manufacturers seem to be making shafts with larger and larger butt diameters these days, and that anything much over a butt diameter of .600 (inches) feels too big to the member. Three other forum members initially responded, all with pretty clueless answers. And their specific names are really not worth mentioning here. But what is worth mentioning is that combined, more than 38,000 posts have been made to date by these three respondents on the noted golf forum, and I cannot help but wonder how many people might have abandoned the game due to some of the responses given by these three individuals since they started posting. Solidly supporting my comments that many if not most so-called clubfitting experts associated with the noted golf forum website and other golf information outlets have no idea what they are talking about regarding many very basic clubfitting (and swinging) topics, I will provide a legitimate and useful reply here.

As clubs get lighter and lighter in general (largely influenced by lighter and lighter golf shafts), you will generally need (more…)

Ascending Weight Golf Shafts: More Proof of a Descending Clubfitting Industry

Another golfer, with a member name of A.Princey, has asked for advice about his woods potentially being too light because he has been struggling with them compared with his heavier irons. And as is frequently the case, he has received horrible answers from so-called experts on the Worrisome Reasonless Xenogolf forum website, a site that continues to contribute to the declining participation and reputation of the game of golf with many of its wholly incompetent answers as presented by supposed golf experts. In this case, responses broadly recommended making sure that shafts are ascending in weight when going through a set of golf clubs, a ridiculous concept (yet another one by the clubfitting trade). But I will help out A.Princey just a bit here.

First, for those for whom swingweighting works, the only relevant club value is the (more…)

Fooling a Golf Club Fitting Scale, or Scaling a Golf Club Fitting Fool?

A poster on the Worrisome Reasonless Xenogolf website forum having a member name of Saint John states that he buys into the “grip end only fools the scale” school regarding the golf club specification of swingweight or swing weight, yet when he actually tried to put that theory into practice it did not work. There is no big surprise here, where yet another golfer is unfortunately gullible enough to apparently believe that most people posing as so-called clubfitting experts or educators on that and other similar forum sites are actually qualified enough to do so (which they are not). But here is a little more accurate information for Saint John.

Yes, you are missing something. People stating that grip weight changes only fool the swingweight scale have (more…)

Get a (Golf) Grip on it, of the Right Size(s)

A golfer with the member name of golfman009 has basically posted on the Worrisome Reasonless Xenogolf forum website that the shaft butt diameters on his irons are smaller than on his woods. And one of his queries is that he would like to know how many extra wraps of tape need to be applied (to the irons) in order to get all of his grip sizes across his set to be and “feel” the same. This is a somewhat common question especially among less experienced golfers, who in turn routinely get (equally inexperienced) inaccurate and/or incomplete responses from so-called professionals on this particular golf forum and other similar outlets. So I will offer him a bit of sound advice here.

The goal regarding golf grip size is not and should not be whether all of the clubs in your set look and/or feel the same. One ultimate goal is whether you are able to (more…)

Not Exactly the Kind of Stuartship Golf Needs Right Now

I recently made an exception and went against my own recommendation of posting on golf forums that contain certain kinds of rules or terms imposed upon its members and posters, as I elaborated upon in Linking Today’s Golf Forums to the Game’s Ugly Deterioration: Part One. I posted a response on the Worrisome Reasonless Xenogolf site in reaction to a few specific statements made by an individual whose member name is Stuart G. (who has posted more than 15,000 times to date on that forum) that made me almost literally cry in sadness for all golfers in general.

It was certainly not an easy post to write, on one hand expressing what someone sure needed to say regarding the current state of the golf club fitting trade in particular. Yet I also needed to be extremely careful to not post any relevant new and/or unique information that could be utilized forever, in any manner so pleased including but hardly limited to altering my post, with absolutely zero permission from and/or compensation to me by the grubby hands of the forum site’s owners, management, employees, and/or associates. The term grubby is quite appropriately derived from (more…)

Golf Grip Sizing Procedures that can Drastically Affect Playing Performance

A couple members of one of the more popular golf forums of today, but a forum that substantially contributes to the continuing delinquency of the game of golf, whose full or partial member names are Josh and Phreddy, recently posted similar inquiries regarding the fitting of golf grip size. With a few partially valid, but uncounted horrific answers subsequently offered from so-called clubfitting experts, these two forum members will struggle for a lifetime with their clubfitting if following such advice, potentially persuading them to prematurely abandon the game like so many others have done in recent times. Thus, I shall address a few sound principles here for them to abide by if they are ever to achieve legitimate clubfitting success. Due primarily to the copyright terms of the noted forum site (as described in detail in Linking Today’s Golf Forums to the Game’s Ugly Deterioration: Part One), I (and anyone else with half a brain) would be a fool to post any original, valid, and protectable content such as this directly on the forum site, so I post it here instead.

Next to the balance of a golf club (which can turn even a superb underlying swing into an uncoordinated mess in a hurry if not fit correctly), the grip size at the other end of the club and shaft is the most important clubfitting parameter for a golfer. The size of your golf grip on any given club is largely responsible for whether you will physically be able to (more…)