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Waggle Weight Wisdom™ Forum Responses Section Added

Please note that an offshoot column of this body of work as a whole has been formed, which is suitably titled Waggle Weight Wisdom™ Forum Responses. While structured a bit differently, it can be considered a supplement or extension that evolved from the original Waggle Weight Wisdom™ column here. Over any given period of time and for any number of reasons that could include a business strategy, there might be an intense focus on developing material specifically for one section while the other is intentionally left alone for a time. In light of this and especially if noticing no relatively new entries here for a while, more recent work might be found in the section noted above, with new enlightening material potentially found there that may not have been addressed here yet. This should not be construed as an end to this primary Waggle Weight Wisdom™ section by any means.

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To Help, or Not to Help the Deplorable Golf Club Fitting Trade: That is the Question

First note here that I fully anticipate resuming Waggle Weight Wisdom™, specifically referring here to its golf swing and equipment fitting instructional elements.  There are additional critical matters in these areas that need to be attended to yet that will consist of new subject material and material to supplement that which has already been published, as certain matters have only been party addressed to date.  Ultimately, an abundance of visual material will be also added to the current free text-only version of Waggle Weight Wisdom™ to form one or more incomparable manuals comprising the most accurate golf information available regarding the golf swing and clubfitting topics addressed and the authoritative manual(s) against which all other such materials will thereafter be compared and judged in golf’s future (if golf does not become extinct).

Under different circumstances, perhaps my unfinished instruction that is still desperately needed by the golf industry in general to sufficiently recover and grow into the future (an industry continuing to plunge backward in many respects and lose players and popularity) would have resumed by this time.  However, Waggle Weight Wisdom™ cannot continue in earnest until (more…)

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One’s Golf Grip Sizing Process: A Pretty Good Indication of One’s Brain Size

As I work toward some of the most important statements to be made in this particular entry regarding one’s golf grip sizing process, which is one of the most basic and at the same time most critical processes in best fitting any given golf club to one, I will need to make some qualifying statements leading up to that.  While some of these statements might be considered a review of sorts of my past material, they might nevertheless be presented from somewhat different perspectives and/or in different orders here than previously presented.  As such they might still come across as somewhat new and should help further fortify the learning of these principles in a sound and lasting manner.

First I shall review what the expression “fitting a golf club to one’s golf swing” should be taken as with respect to fitting a club.  With all of the garbage regularly strewn about in the clubfitting industry regarding this expression, let me be quite clear that this particular expression should be treated in (more…)

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Golf Grip Styles: Are You Being Ribbed Regarding Your Clubs?

I realize that when I discuss golf grips or golf grip styles sometimes I am referring to the way one holds onto or takes hold of a golf grip and at other times I am referring to the characteristics or construction of a physical golf grip, one of the main components of a golf club. And these are two entirely different elements that I frequently use the same words for. Well to date I have not figured out a good way that I really like in which one can upon a quick glance readily distinguish which I am referring to. So I begin here by announcing that the above title refers to the physical construction of a component golf grip and a feature known as a “rib,” which many golf grips have and many others do not. Having said that, however, I will also during this examination be referring to the “other” golf grip or golf grip style, that of how one holds onto or takes hold of a golf club, mostly as a function of component golf grips that are and are not “ribbed.” Hopefully I will clearly distinguish between them during this analysis.

So I will get right to it with the hope that the length of this particular entry will not match the length of my immediately prior entry. Given the time frame involved the formulation of that entry was brutal at least for me, and perhaps for anyone reading through it as well. Anyway, as briefly started above, a golf grip rib is a feature of golf grip construction that some grips have and some grips do not that in general terms comprises a slightly raised bump that runs along a good portion of the length of a golf grip, from essentially its grip cap downward and running parallel to the golf shaft (when such a grip is installed on a golf shaft well). This rib is traditionally located along the underside of the golf grip such that if one takes hold of a golf club in a normal manner the rib will traditionally be facing the ground side as opposed to the sky side. As such, ribbed golf grips are by design not intended to be (more…)

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Golf Club Face Angle, Finally Angled from the Proper Perspective: Part Two

But it is long overdue that somebody finally does such a full analysis correctly.  So as it should properly be done from the start, first recall my earlier statement that face angle is (in theory) relevant regarding any given golf club under any given circumstance and not just wood-type golf clubs and clubheads that are typically fixated on regarding this golf club specification.  With this hopefully learned well, I will begin logically analyzing face angle not from the (more…)

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Golf Club Face Angle, Finally Angled from the Proper Perspective: Part One

Before embarking on this next topic, I first steer one’s attention to the most recent press release widely distributed by the WaggleWeight® Company on February 7, 2013.  There are uncounted other websites, publications, or other media-type outlets, particularly but not expressly limited to golf-related outlets, that have had the opportunity to conveniently view and present this press release through their own mediums as information that golfers and the golf industry need very badly for this industry to achieve better health overall and potentially grow into the future (especially the clubfitting trade, which literally continues to self-destruct at the time of this writing).  For one that regularly visits or discovers any of these other outlets and that has not yet seen this press release, I urge one to read it now and draw one’s own conclusion(s) as to why any given outlet chose not to clearly display this particular release if given the chance to really help golfers and others throughout the golf industry, perhaps even asking the outlet why to potentially acquire a better sense of this industry if desired.  And in light of the insight shown and long-overdue corrections already made and that will continue to be made in entries such as this one within Waggle Weight Wisdom™, I ask one to please consider spreading word of this press release to as many recipients as possible as soon as possible.  The extremely poor performance record and reputation especially of the clubfitting trade universally have become so well known among golfers and others in recent times that the entire golf industry in general has been affected.  And until the source(s) responsible for this is widely exposed and appropriate improvements made, the clubfitting trade and its parasitic effects will continue to weigh very heavily on the golf industry as a whole.

As I work toward a needed break from writing this column, which I will begin after my March entries and which I will partly utilize to work on other needed facets of developing the WaggleWeight® Company business, there are a few more select topics I desire to get written down and copyright registered before I begin that break.  The following subjects that mainly deal with clubfitting issues are not necessarily presented in a particular order in which they should be attended to when contemplating golf club fitting and a specific arrangement order for fitting them could be discussed more in the future.  But there are critical elements regarding these topics that need to be discussed here and now.  These elements can be considered quite fundamental in nature and it is crucial to comprehend them toward properly and thoroughly understanding these subjects.  And despite that they are very rudimentary elements, I have never, ever really seen these particular elements even vaguely touched on from a clubfitting standpoint let alone discussed in more detail, yet more evidence of how much the clubfitting industry remains in its infancy to this day.  Unfortunately, these disclosures will prove that, at least in the golf club fitting trade, the most important attribute of clubfitting in the end, which is human reasoning performance, lags far behind the technical capabilities of the clubfitting devices utilized today that are meant to supplement (not take over for) that human reasoning.  This will for the most part become abundantly clear when these disclosures are made.

Anyway, this particular topic deals with golf club face angle, yet another important topic that remains poorly understood and applied within the clubfitting trade, especially at the true root level of this golf club specification when it is properly analyzed.  (more…)

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“Feel” in Golf: The Feel of Failure by Flatulence

I have previously quite bluntly stated that the generalized expression of “feel” within the golf industry is far and away the biggest excuse word most commonly utilized by those who cannot satisfactorily explain something in more objective terms and are looking for as convenient a way as possible to end the discussion of the particular subject or change subjects.  It is an expression commonly utilized to excuse or relieve oneself from having to gain additional knowledge and/or being responsible for results that cannot otherwise be rationally explained.  I stand by my comments regarding this, and while maybe there has been (more…)

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The Terrible Twos Syndrome of Golf Club Fitting: Part Fifty-Five

With this entry I finally bring this post title sequence to a close at this time.  Despite this, I still consider this original version to be essentially open-ended so it can be augmented, further clarified, and/or corrected based upon additional testing, changes in technology, and more in the future through supplemental work as warranted.  As just one of countless possibilities, it is assumed here that the 14-inch fulcrum location of the current golf club swingweighting system is a superb fit for me, and based upon observation with just the naked eye it appears to be.  But if it is scientifically found that (more…)

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The Terrible Twos Syndrome of Golf Club Fitting: Part Fifty-Four

The problem is that golfers (including clubfitters here) of all ability levels are in essence currently forced to take a more artistic approach to clubfitting (and/or their golf swings) than desired simply because scientific approaches to certain clubfitting and golf swing elements are incomplete and/or downright incorrect.  Waggle Weight Wisdom™ is in the midst of overhauling much of this information so that it is more complete and/or correct.  Technical components will be better presented, they will become more distinguishable from artistic components and each component type will be put in its rightful place better, and one will be able to more appropriately utilize either or both components toward the best overall improvement and/or enjoyment in one’s golf game.  One of these elements, as I have been discussing, (more…)

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The Terrible Twos Syndrome of Golf Club Fitting: Part Fifty-Three

As I wind down this post title sequence, presently looking as though there will probably be two more entries after this one unless anything else comes to mind before then, there are still a couple more select subjects that I at least need to touch on.  The first deals with the particular sequential order of golf club specifications that are to be fit to any given golfer at any given time (assuming right here that more than one specification will be fit, which is not and should not automatically always be the case depending upon individual circumstances).  I will begin by saying that the chosen order of club specifications to be fit to a golfer can (more…)

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