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The Terrible Twos Syndrome of Golf Club Fitting: Part Fifty-Two

Due to these clubfitting factors plus golfers being spread out over a wide range indeed of playing skill and knowledge levels regarding clubfitting, an immense number of golfers genuinely needing clubfitting services at any given time will not need to be fit or refit for the whole shebang of golf club specifications every time they might consider seeking out any such service.  In a great number of cases circumstances can dictate that only one or a very small number of specific golf club specifications and specification values should be addressed and it would be quite wise to leave other specifications alone at any given time.  This further relates critically important reasoning why skilled clubfitting services should be centrally performed on a (more…)

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The Terrible Twos Syndrome of Golf Club Fitting: Part Fifty-One

I reemphasize here that if you are an individual clubfitter, so-called clubfitting educator, or any size entity or organization preaching and/or promoting clubfitting in any way and do not correctly comprehend these extremely basic equipment fitting fundamentals (that apply universally to all activities and not merely golf) then you have no business calling yourself a competent professional in this particular field.  You stink at a most elementary level long before any more technical, often very ornate, and often overrated devices like launch monitors might be utilized to potentially fine-tune certain golf club specification values as extensions of (although having no real usable value without) proper underlying clubfitting knowledge.  You are very contributory to the long-standing poor performance record and repute of the golf club fitting industry in general and should consider yourself very lucky that golfers as a generalized group (Messrs. Gullible Golfer) are commonly less experienced regarding athletic performance and even extremely basic equipment fitting and are often elated if the color(s) of their golf grips and/or clubheads are as desired.  If not for business provided from all of the routinely naive Messrs. Gullible Golfer, you might feasibly have essentially no customers at all and rightly so.

And if you have some sort of clubfitting learning certificate(s) on your wall and were not decisively taught the things disclosed thus far within Waggle Weight Wisdom™ as part of your clubfitting education, then you are similarly (more…)

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The Terrible Twos Syndrome of Golf Club Fitting: Part Fifty

I will broadly restate here the overall context of this post title sequence that multiple golf clubs or test clubs are sensibly often required in order to competently fit certain golf club specifications.  There is just no legitimate way around this no matter how much one may detest the thought.  A more technical way of stating this is that (at least) two specimens must be readily available with ideally all other club specification values matching exactly (the Twos) with only the one specification being fit being varied among the specimens.  No authoritative decision as to the best value of that golf club specification being fit can otherwise be made.  While the fitting of certain club specifications might be efficiently accomplished using just a single golf club (more…)

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The Terrible Twos Syndrome of Golf Club Fitting: Part Forty-Nine

Briefly, in my immediately prior entry I noted that while much of the knowledge I am disclosing here I have known for a very long time, I am still learning new details and some of the information presented was learned not long before it was published within Waggle Weight Wisdom™.  I noted that I will be forthright in correcting any errors that come to my attention and advancing any theories and practices as applicable (unless I suppose (more…)

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The Terrible Twos Syndrome of Golf Club Fitting: Part Forty-Eight

Through Waggle Weight Wisdom™ (or other means as this particular column may have a limited lifespan after certain golf swing and golf club fitting theories and practices have been gone through), I will make every effort through some branch of the WaggleWeight® Company to disclose and publicize any further research done and any alterations and/or improvements discovered that should be implemented in these theories and/or practices.  As I have perhaps noted previously, it seems that not a day goes by without still learning something new about my current profession, most often (but not always) minor details after a certain level of knowledge and/or experience is reached yet details that can still have a major impact in the end.  I have already been kind of bored and/or disgusted for a long time already with many aspects of the game, including but hardly limited to some of the more notable people that are publicly involved in and exert influence on the game in various capacities.  To this end, I might be out of here in a heartbeat if I ever felt I had nothing else to learn about this profession.  But I do continue to learn rewarding things, thus some of what I have written in the past (as honest as it was at the time) may already be outdated some.  Perhaps this even qualifies me as a Mr. Credulous Clubfitter.  In fact, before I am even done with this particular post title sequence, I already have a change to effect as described below.


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The Terrible Twos Syndrome of Golf Club Fitting: Part Forty-Seven

But even if eliminating something like aftermarket shaft devices and the added element(s) they bring into the equation of fitting grip size in this instance, and even in dealing with only the three primary golf club components, even this alone as presented within Waggle Weight Wisdom™ may still present one with an overwhelming number of possibilities to deal and test with.  And indeed it is a more complex process, but a process that actually produces correct clubfitting results compared with the completely inept, mail-order-type, prophet-for-profit, quick-fit grip-on-a-stick method or its equivalent of fitting golf grip size that has been traditionally utilized by the clubfitting industry (and which helps this industry firmly retain its deserved title of being the worst in all of sports).  And I sense many continuing to feel that (more…)

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The Terrible Twos Syndrome of Golf Club Fitting: Part Forty-Six

While still fundamentally linked to main subject at hand here, I want to slightly branch out for just a moment and first ask a question of everyone reading this.  I will give you a choice of two different golf club specifications to use on one’s golf clubs.  For the first specification, one will not be able to effectually sense the specification’s measured value for the first time (and thus cannot begin to act on it if desired) until (more…)

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The Terrible Twos Syndrome of Golf Club Fitting: Part Forty-Five

Here I continue to supplement the base of information put down to this point that will markedly change for the better the way golf equipment (and feasibly certain aspects of equipment in other activities) is fit to golfers.  There are select elements of both a golf swing and equipment fitting to that swing that need to be addressed to make sure that certain crucial consistencies between these two aspects of golfing are present.

The primary feature(s) of why one’s best golf grip size is what it is at any given point in one’s golf swing development will be discussed in a different post(s) that is yet to come.  While that is extremely important to know, this post sequence deals principally with how or the clubfitting “structure” of how to determine one’s best golf grip size (without really needing to know why one’s best golf grip size is what it is).  Without understanding and applying this clubfitting structure properly, one will not be able to choose one’s best grip size no matter how well one might understand the feature(s) that is most responsible for determining what one’s best golf grip size is.  So I will explore this clubfitting structure a bit more.  (more…)

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The Terrible Twos Syndrome of Golf Club Fitting: Part Forty-Four

I will begin today by strongly emphasizing that anyone claiming to be a golf club fitter or fitting educator in any capacity and believing that one’s best golf grip size needed to perform one’s best golf swing should remain the same as golf shaft weight varies for an otherwise like golf club (with shaft weight being largely responsible for a golf club’s total weight) is a clear contributor to why the clubfitting trade has a well-deserved reputation for being the worst in all of sports.  This includes anyone fitting one’s golf grip size using the absurd (more…)

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The Terrible Twos Syndrome of Golf Club Fitting: Part Forty-Three

In continuing with the technical details of golf grip size fitting (one of the most critical clubfitting elements toward getting the most out of one’s golf swing) and in considering the use of different weight golf shafts on golf clubs now, an extremely important detail to learn well is how a swingweight scale physically operates with respect to measuring golf club swingweight values when different weight golf shafts are involved.  (more…)

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