Swing Weight and Swing Feel: original inquiry on GolfWRX on 02/27/2019

Perhaps Stuart is right about my gold standard comment, so I clarify here. Compared with loony MOI golf club matching, swingweight is certainly still the gold standard of golf club matching. Assuming that one properly understands the mechanics of both specifications, and even though it admittedly does not work consistently for everyone, swingweight can at least be called a legitimate golf club specification. It comprises a rational concept(s) that golfers can use to help regulate their swings and that golfers of all abilities can appreciate.

MOI theory and practice, on the other hand, comprise multiple irrational concepts on multiple levels that are so absurd (even for golfers) and can easily hurt one’s swing performance, it is almost as if supporters of the specification are purposely trying to destroy their own industry (and they are succeeding). Selecting between the two is a no brainer for anyone who really wants to be able to swing and play his/her best, unless as mentioned above the technicalities of one or both specifications are not comprehended properly.