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Properly fitting one’s equipment in any activity is a fundamental part of consistently performing one’s best.  Unfortunately, the clubfitting trade as a whole is one part of the golf industry that has a history and reputation of being the worst in all of sports with regard to competently fitting equipment to players.  No other activity is even a close second.  In at least one respect this circumstance is defensible, but in many other ways it is simply inexcusable, leading to much well-deserved ridicule.  Golfers typically do not swing and/or play anywhere near what they are capable of after being custom fit for golf clubs.  In many cases they actually play worse.  Even modern fitting technologies like launch monitors as one example have not perceptibly improved the overall quality of the clubfitting industry.

Why?  Because certain critical underlying clubfitting and related swinging principles that come into play and take effect long before any launch monitor data even becomes relevant are generally still remarkably poorly understood throughout the clubfitting trade.  There are some notorious (albeit very entertaining) reasons for this situation, which when properly understood can provide some keen insight into the past and present mechanisms of the golf industry.  A widespread ignorance of traditional golf club swingweighting is but one of these reasons.  “Swing With Traditional Swingweight (Swing Weight) No More: Introducing Advanced Dynamic™ Swingweight” is a report that finally demystifies, in simple black and white, what the established golf club specification of swingweight rightfully represents.  A factual understanding of this long-proven parameter is a critical sign of whether one truly knows the workings of a golf swing and its associated equipment.

Disastrously, even most teachers of the fundamentals of swinging and clubfitting apparently remain uneducated about this extremely basic subject (and other subjects as well) concerning golfing.  Revelations include when, where, how, and why swingweighting can so greatly affect the performance of one’s golf swing and how to identify those for whom it will and will not regularly work.  From that foundation is introduced an advanced golf club specification named “Dynamic™ Swingweight” (or Swingweighting as one of several acceptable variations), giving golfers of all abilities an opportunity to further improve swing performance via the fit of their clubs.  (The developer of this advanced golf club specification that shall hereupon profoundly and widely influence the game of golf for the better, the WaggleWeight® Company, has also developed various related products and services to help in implementing the Dynamic™ Swingweight golf club specification most effectively).

This groundbreaking article finally ends misconceptions about certain golf equipment and swing traits by wisely prioritizing the relationship between one’s equipment and one’s actual swing performance (not ball travel result) first.  The following outline briefly describes topics that are thoroughly covered in the full version of “Swing With Traditional Swingweight (Swing Weight) No More: Introducing Advanced Dynamic™ Swingweight”:


• The confusion surrounding swingweight, and a foundational inadequacy in the traditional method that contributes to the widespread misunderstanding of the specification

• Swingweight scale basics, and designs of some past and present measuring devices

• Elementary swingweighting physics

• Figuring swingweight without a specialized scale

• Searching for the origin of the fourteen-inch fulcrum distance, and contemplating other possible measuring point locations for players and their golf clubs

• A critical journey backward to before a swing even begins; a discussion of leveling a bat over home plate in baseball and waggling in golf

• The general obliviousness of waggling, yet a crucial detail toward determining swing performance

• An essential separation of the four stages (two shown here) of a traditional waggle sequence

Part of a traditional waggle sequence

Part of a traditional waggle sequence

• The conclusive, numerical connection between waggling and swingweighting, and why the relationship can be difficult to correlate

• A brief dialogue of various, commonplace waggle styles that deviate from the presented model

• A more justifiable definition for golf club swingweight, and cause and effect examples of the specification during both waggling and subsequent swinging

• Observed percentages of golfers at varying skill levels that waggle about various golf club pivot points

• Where rotation points of average golfers frequently tend to be located and a common reason why, securing the realization that far too many golfers cannot benefit from the traditional swingweighting system

• Further exposing the limitation(s) of traditional swingweighting by way of modern golf club technology advances

• Overhauling conventional swingweight’s increasingly imprecise and antiquated method for measuring golf clubs, the reformulated advanced specification named “Dynamic™ Swingweight”

• A sole-point, fixed-fulcrum Dynamic™ Swingweight system versus a variable-fulcrum design

• Waggle analysis from a different angle, and a three-dimensional composite of a unique motion

• The difficulties of following waggle movements utilizing human senses, and the crucial importance of utilizing technology to aid in accurately determining golfer rotation point (fulcrum) locations

• Pursuing products and/or services from the WaggleWeight® Company to help most effectively implement the advanced Dynamic™ Swingweight golf club specification originally developed by the company


The complete report, which radically unravels the whys and wherefores of golf club swingweighting and decisively puts prior misconceptions to rest, is now available.  Are you really sure that you want to buy, sell, fit, or make another club utilizing the swing-governing specification of swingweight (virtually every golf club) before rightly and rationally comprehending its operation and knowing whether utilizing the foundational specification will help or hurt any given golfer’s swing?  Also, as the one and only analysis of golf club swingweighting to contain irrefutable evidence, the article seamlessly progresses to the first legitimate improvement of traditional swingweight in its nearly century-old existence, along with an upgraded name of “Dynamic™ Swingweight.”

The golf club specification of Dynamic™ Swingweight is a noteworthy golf club advancement that can result in genuine swing improvement for players rather than mere (and very often deceiving) golf ball travel modification.  Whether one is a player searching for personal golfing improvement or a golf business owner seeking help to achieve improved products/services for his/her customers, the enlightening work “Swing With Traditional Swingweight (Swing Weight) No More: Introducing Advanced Dynamic™ Swingweight” (or Swinging Weight as another of several acceptable variations) comprises vital reading that could aid in attaining such success.  Being in the dark with respect to such a foundational and critical golf club specification no longer needs to be one of multiple ongoing embarrassing traits within the golf industry and clubfitting trade.  An option finally exists to invest in some advanced knowledge regarding the specification that is actually useful.

(The reintroduction somewhat recently [yet again] of the irrational MOI golf club matching specification [technically Moment of Inertia], which is typically supported by individuals/organizations less knowledgeable regarding certain golf swing and/or clubfitting principles, is not technically dissected and directly compared to swingweight matching in this particular report to date.  The proper understanding of the technical elements of swingweighting, as correctly disclosed in the article, is above all most critical in light of the widespread misunderstanding of the specification for almost a century.  But for those already familiar with the technical elements of MOI golf club matching, this report is all that is really needed in order to quickly comprehend and realize that MOI should be justifiably labeled as Moment of Insanity golf club matching.  Not coincidentally, the reintroduction and promotion of MOI golf club matching has closely paralleled the same time period as, and with good reason contributed to, a distinguished downturn in the overall performance of the golf industry and popularity of the game).

Select portions of “Swing With Traditional Swingweight (Swing Weight) No More: Introducing Advanced Dynamic™ Swingweight” might appear in any future work(s) by the author to help correct and/or complete countless deficient golf swing and/or clubfitting instructional matters of the past.  In fact, such deficient materials are still being newly produced and promoted to this day by virtually every individual and organization in golf, with many incorrect and/or incomplete golfing doctrines still derived from the saturated state of erroneous swingweighting theory and practice of the past.  Certain specifics of the report, however, might never be reproduced outside of the stand-alone article.

So for those who want to correct and/or expand their knowledge concerning this subject area for application toward their personal golf games and/or businesses, the discrete, full-version exposition that comprises approximately 10,000 words plus accompanying visuals is now available.  The exposition finally, correctly, and completely analyzes time-honored golf club swingweighting after its nearly century of existence.  And in so doing, an advanced derivative of the traditional golf club specification is able to be introduced, named Dynamic™ Swingweight.  The stand-alone report might be the only work that ever contains any given specific statement(s) and/or visual(s).



Price: $25.00 plus shipping charges and sales tax as applicable, but please note that copies of the complete report are presently not for sale on an individual basis.  One or more copies could, however, be obtained through the following options: *

* The full-version of the article is available free of charge to anybody that will report on or honestly critique the material publicly, material that needs to be more widely publicized and understood very badly as soon as possible in order to help the golf industry in general and the clubfitting trade more specifically stop their embarrassing regressions and help them potentially grow into the future.  Additionally, complimentary copies are available to anyone who will help communicate the existence and location of the WaggleWeight.com website and/or its linked, proper, and free knowledge concerning golf and related topics titled Waggle Weight Wisdom™.  Such help might be offered by announcing the WaggleWeight.com page(s) to a group of people, opening up a covered subject(s) for discussion on an Internet golf forum(s) or other avenue(s), bringing the content of the WaggleWeight.com page(s) to the attention of any other influential people such as reporters, touring professionals, and/or administrators of golf organizations or companies, or many other possibilities.  Please contact the WaggleWeight® Company for more information if interested.

* For members of various golf-related organizations, including but not limited to those that promote golf swing instruction and/or club making/fitting services, the complete report might be individually acquired at a substantial discount through such affiliations based upon any specific arrangement(s) made with any given organization(s).  Check with your organization(s) to see if it will help you to obtain the report for the purpose of continuing and proper education in your field(s) on the most favorable terms possible, critical knowledge that may aid in greatly improving your personal golfing and/or business skills and success.  Currently, however, the WaggleWeight® Company is the only authorized/legal distributor of Swing With Traditional Swingweight (Swing Weight) No More: Introducing Advanced Dynamic™ Swingweighting.  Please do not acquire any copies through any other source.


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