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The PROPER roots of knowledge concerning golf swing and clubfitting performance are profiled within this website. Mastering them can help improve one’s golfing and/or golf business skill/success.

Please feel free to browse through the various sections currently presented within the WaggleWeight® LLC (Limited Liability Company) website. The company’s products and services (including educational materials) to date were dedicatedly developed based upon characteristics and challenges regarding the game of golf, starting foundationally deeper than anybody before. Notwithstanding this, developments by the company transcend well beyond just golf and to countless other activities also, both sporting and non-sporting in nature. Where not added to or upgraded for seemingly an extended time (like certain educational materials displayed throughout the site for instance), this is not a valid indicator of overall business activity, progress, and/or growth over that period. For example, directional changes regarding various products and/or services may have temporarily or permanently occurred behind the scenes and just not been suitable information to include on the company website. This does not diminish the profound impacts of the more correct items exposed throughout the site. (Such impacts can actually intensify as the items age more.)

Putting aside transient periods that can temporarily make golf look more or less appealing, and analyzing over a broader period of time, the general popularity and reputation of the game have been conspicuously declining for a very long time now (and even accelerating in more recent history). Reasons for this decline are extremely logical, many understandably explained within this website. If concerned about the future of golf and the industry in general, and the swing instruction and clubfitting trades more specifically, know that the products and services (not the least of which comprises educational materials) disclosed within this WaggleWeight® LLC website are desperately required by the game. And they need to be universally implemented by the golf industry (and sooner rather than later) if the game has any legitimate chance of recovering and growing into the future from the current shameful and unflattering mess it has created for itself over time.