About WaggleWeight®

WaggleWeight® Company

The WaggleWeight® Company was founded in 2005 by golf professional Bill Kostuj. It was not a result of some longstanding dream, but rather a somewhat sudden vision based upon knowledge and experience accumulated to that point and resultant insight regarding golf and the sad state of the game. It might even be said that he was providentially compelled to begin the business rather than having a conscious choice to do so. His unique combination of knowledge and experience has comprised but hardly been limited to intense participation in numerous sporting activities, including a common childhood dream and effort of the day to become a professional baseball player, a somewhat gradual switch to predominantly playing golf during college years, a dedicated pursuit of playing golf for a living for a time, and receiving an undergraduate degree in (electronics) engineering. (The latter not only helps toward better ascertaining and understanding technicalities relevant to swing and equipment fitting, but it also helps toward being able to explain various relationships in less technical and simpler terms when exhaustively understood.)

The company’s earliest product(s) and service(s) were largely formed around the development of the advanced golf club specification named Dynamic® Swingweight (originally named “Waggle Weight” but subsequently changed). It is one of the most important innovations ever introduced to the game of golf (and not necessarily limited to golf), with various elements of the specification patented. And since that start, the innovative work (of the now WaggleWeight® LLC) has further expanded and grown. Other products and services available or in development are not limited to the Clean Hands™ Book, simultaneously revolutionizing golf swing and clubfitting development and improvement from the ground up, and a new Golf Grip Hand Structure Efficiency Device. Notwithstanding these advanced golf-related products and services, the company should not be considered strictly golf related in nature.

Waggle Weight Wisdom™

Starting essentially when the WaggleWeight® Company was founded, the Waggle Weight Wisdom™ Original body of work was also begun. Comprising multiple categories now, this work (in principle still ongoing and currently free to reference exclusively on the WaggleWeight.com website) is educational matter known foremost for first focusing on foundational concepts, theories, and practices of swinging and related equipment fitting as they have never been addressed before. It is written by and based upon the knowledge and experience of Bill Kostuj, golf professional for more than forty years. His highly insightful and unprecedented knowledge related to the respective fields, far more proper and valid than any such attempts of the past, is in part backed by an undergraduate degree in engineering and more than thirty-five hundred pages (and counting) of handwritten notes pertaining to the noted topics. For critical additional information regarding Waggle Weight Wisdom™ work (all copyright registered) that governs the use and/or application of any of the work, please also be aware of the Intellectual Property and Investment page content.