Currently, business consultations are generally available. But due to operational circumstances, please note that personal consultations are generally not available at the present time. However, special circumstances can always materialize. Thus, any special requests in this regard may still be submitted to the WaggleWeight® LLC toward determining whether any such arrangement(s) might be possible.

In referencing golf and in what could be considered the creation of new positions, introducing qualified Golf Swing Consultant and/or Clubfitting Consultant roles as examples would appear to be very desperately needed at this point in time. In these capacities, the term consultant can for instance broadly indicate an entity who may or may not immediately have all of the physical tools available commonly used in the course of swing instruction and/or clubfitting. Yet if aptly qualified, the entity would possess more correct and/or comprehensive knowledge about swing and/or clubfitting concepts, theories, and practices to an extent of knowing how to implement such tools better than uncounted entities actually using them. So such a consultant(s) can help to capably navigate through the maze of mounting materials, such as but hardly limited to distinguishing between effective and worthless tools and effective and worthless entities attempting to apply such tools. Advising, counseling, instructing, teaching, and/or tutoring on personal and/or business levels are but a few more specific attributes that can be included under the broader heading of consultant in this instance. The WaggleWeight® LLC is unprecedentedly qualified in these areas.

One prominent reason (though hardly the only one) for the critical need of the above position(s) is the continuing expansion of services across the Internet, where for example free-to-participate outlets such as golf forums commonly comprise unregulated advice offered by basically anyone without regard to any legitimate qualifications. Indeed, unfathomably erroneous, downright bizarre statements frequently made by countless self-proclaimed (but totally unqualified) “experts” are at an all-time high. And incessantly growing, freely accessible forum libraries of laughably incorrect drivel regarding even the most foundational swing and clubfitting topics is being increasingly referenced, believed, and applied by poor gullible golfers (and even numberless swing instructors and clubfitters). Crucially bear in mind that based upon typical terms of use commonly contained on outlets such as Internet golf forums (including copyright terms), few people in right mind having any respect for their work would ever post any original corrective, unique, or other protectable matter directly on such sites alongside materials more suitable for comical entertainment value than serious work solutions. Resultantly, such sites have glaring histories and reputations of rehashed, error-ridden postings, largely by the same inexpert so-called experts over any given period of time.

This has increasingly influenced the swing instruction and/or clubfitting industries to look and/or perform embarrassingly worse in more recent history, stinking up the game as a whole. Putting aside transient conditions that can temporarily make golf in general appear more or less appealing and analyzing over a longer period, there is a conspicuous parallel between the general emergence of such forums, worsening performances and/or reputations of these trades, and increasing numbers of people becoming disenchanted with and abandoning the game (justifiably so). The WaggleWeight® LLC is consummately qualified to help soundly and critically correct and/or complete swing and clubfitting concepts, theories, and practices that, despite being extremely foundational in nature, are nevertheless inordinately defective as regularly contained on forum sites. Capable consulting corrections and/or augmentations of such materials can be so major in scope that far greater success than previously possible could be accomplishable on personal and/or business levels. The greater properness of such corrections and/or completions is in fact so profound in nature that universal compliance will ultimately take hold, resulting in historic changes to certain elements throughout the game. There is literally no other alternative if the game is to survive and grow into the future.

And even where factual information regarding various topics is already far more correct, such as within works directly connected with the WaggleWeight® LLC, for very valid reasons certain information regarding various subjects might be more limited in scope and/or thoroughly known but not presented yet. In such instances, more detailed information might wish to be obtained about certain topics through personal or business consultation before the topics might be discussed or discussed more comprehensively in any number of works. (It can be literally impossible to exhaustively dissect certain subjects though certain mediums, making a separate consultation[s] the only viable means of more thoroughly learning what might want to be learned.) Such consultation can also be immensely valuable if for example desiring (or feeling a necessity) to attempt any amount of personal swing and/or clubfitting improvement on one’s own over being guided toward any competent entities. Naturally this becomes more attractive as commercial trade performance becomes worse, although it has always been popular (and potentially more successful) among certain types of people. In addition to helping achieve better golf success on a personal and/or business level, a qualified consultant can also ultimately save a client significant time and/or expense.

Please note that consultations may validly come under one or more other names as well, including Clean Hands™, a trademark accompanying various products and services based upon but not exclusively limited to concepts, theories, practices, and other information contained in the Clean Hands™ Book developed by the WaggleWeight® LLC. While presently not considered a primary focus of the company (so presently only as circumstances allow), authoritative consultations are available on personal and businesses levels in all relevant areas and can extend to activities beyond golf as applicable. (Consultation availability is subject to change at any time without notice.) If desired, please contact the WaggleWeight® LLC with some information about the potential client(s) and exactly what is needed in the way of consultation. Among other items, this can help determine whether that needed is within the realm of the company’s expertise. Comprehending applicable matters more correctly and/or thoroughly could help accomplish personal and/or business success concerning golf only dreamed about previously. Rates could vary considerably depending upon various circumstances and really cannot even be approximated here. Confidentiality agreements may potentially be required for any number of consultations.