IP Rights and Potential Investments

Intellectual Property Rights: The contents of this WaggleWeight.com website (including visual elements) are copyright registered, including as just one example Waggle Weight Wisdom™ work, which commonly contains far more proper knowledge than past works concerning golf swing and clubfitting performance improvement. This website is intended solely for the private, noncommercial use of individuals (and even then with limited legal rights). Amid other items, any copying, displaying, or distributing/transmitting of any website content in any form (including yet not restricted to by computer process, electronic, mechanical, podcasting, question/answer forum, photo, video, or audio enactment, or public pursuance of any content) is strictly prohibited without express written permission from the WaggleWeight® LLC. With website contents comprising a foundational core of the company’s own commercial pursuit(s), any infringing use of any of its contents in any commercial capacity without express written arrangement(s) can be legally pursued concerning actual/statutory damages as examples. (With just cause this can occur on a personal level also.) Clarifying the foregoing some, infringement can comprise but is hardly limited to performing any website content in any public manner, medium, and/or place. If any business or commercial application of any website content is observed, please notify the WaggleWeight® LLC.

(Even where any fair use of copyrighted matter is provided for by law, yet due to the way many choose to define or interpret it, any such attempted use should best be thoroughly and prominently accompanied by detailed information concerning the original source of the material in order to best avoid any actionable infringement. This also applies to any work extending from the website, including yet not at all limited to the Clean Hands™ Book.)

In addition to copyrighted materials (which again extend to visual media and other elements), WaggleWeight® LLC products and services currently comprise but are not limited to the making, selling, and/or using of hardware/software golf club balancing scales and golfer/golf club rotation point location devices regarding the advanced Dynamic® Swingweight specification. Other products/services involve hardware/software devices related to swing and/or clubfitting concepts, theories, and practices disclosed in the Clean Hands™ book that will profoundly and forever change the game for the better, including golf grip hand structure efficiency devices. Such products and services connected with the company are protected under various other forms of intellectual property rights not restricted to patents and trademarks. The scope(s) of various intellectual property rights can vary over time. And they can have attributes comprising but hardly limited to divisions and subdivisions, phases, overlapping characteristics, and/or lengths of protections (including copyrights) as examples. In the end, it is the responsibility of each individual/organization to be aware of what intellectual property rights are legally in place for what at any given time, and in the best interest of everybody to not infringe upon any. (Even inadvertent infringement is actionable and can be warranted.) All intellectual property rights conferred by law are reserved.

Licensing: For anybody that might be interested in utilizing or integrating any products and/or services of the sagacious WaggleWeight® LLC (including educational materials) in a more commercial or public manner, licensing can potentially be a viable means for accomplishing this. Clubfitters and/or clubfitting organizations, swing instructors and/or instruction organizations, product manufacturers, and/or other entity types may be able to substantially and profoundly grow their success if qualifying for any such arrangement. As further examples, teachers and/or teaching institutions trying to provide accurate educational matter, who might realize how utterly bad countless previous teachings have been even on extremely elementary levels (yet nothing more proper has ever been available), and who foresightedly may want to disassociate and distinguish themselves from the manure-like mass of misinformation still typically taught and/or promoted in the applicable field(s) and help to remove it, might desire a licensing agreement toward utilizing any number of assorted educational materials developed by the company. Founded upon such materials, the company is exclusively qualified to best lead in proper, more productive directions from deplorably faulty golf industry directions of the past.

Licensing arrangements can be extremely varied in nature, potentially of large or small scale ranging from large corporations to small sole proprietorships or individuals operating on any public level at all as examples, and/or involve any number of products/services. Products, services, and related intellectual properties continue to be developed and potentially made available by the WaggleWeight® LLC. The company is and is expected to remain at the forefront of developing new and/or upgraded products and services, some of them radically correcting, completing, enhancing, and/or overhauling fundamentally useless products/services of the past (which have actually contributed to moving the game backwards). Not the least of such advancements comprises educational materials anticipated to ultimately become THE standard against which all others will be foundationally judged in the future, especially respecting the fields of swing and clubfitting performance and development. But numerous other revolutionary services and hardware/software products (and continuing) are additionally involved, many evolving from the wholly more correct educational materials. And they are needed exceedingly badly from this point if the game of golf hopes to survive and grow into the future.

Investment/Sale: The WaggleWeight® LLC is a shrewd business concern foundationally built and set up to endure extremely successfully into the future. The company will forever be renowned for and associated with creating, implementing, and leading the way regarding some of the most important new product/service developments throughout the history of golf (with resultant influences and repercussions extending well beyond the game of golf to countless other activities also). The company is always interested in and open to adding investment capital and/or working partnership with one or more entities under the right circumstances to potentially help better and/or more quickly develop current products/services and/or envisioned future products/services as examples. Please feel free to contact the company as desired for additional information about any of the above to aid in determining whether any prospective licensing and/or investing arrangement might be mutually beneficial. While not presently planned, a sale of the company as a whole or any individual facets of the company can never be ruled out under the right circumstances, so such inquiries can be made if desired.