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Various products and services can rightly also have their own dedicated pages. But offered here is a highlighted overview of selected products and services developed by the WaggleWeight® LLC that are presently available or planned to be relatively soon. Among these and free to reference at this point, Waggle Weight Wisdom™ comprises open-ended guidance prominently in the nature of swing and clubfitting theories and practices that are far more proper than any instruction attempts of the past related to these fields. This work, displayed only on the website at this time, can currently be viewed via the Waggle Weight Wisdom™ Original and Waggle Weight Wisdom™ Answers pages of the site.

The book titled Ridding the Golf Industry of Those Having Unclean Hands: Proper Swing and Clubfitting Principles Administered with Clean Hands™ is a definitive work that prompts essentially a complete overhaul of the swing instruction and clubfitting trades. It shall forever change the game for the better (if not too late for golf already). Starting with foundational principles that are universal in nature and have been around as long as man (yet apparently beyond the comprehension of the game of golf), the book breaks down and defines swinging and clubfitting into smaller and/or different elements than ever done so before. They are then reassembled and linked together far more properly than previously. This produces and introduces rudimental swing and clubfitting theories and practices (previously unknown to golf) that decisively correct numerous flaws in these fields and extremely badly need to be competently enacted if the game hopes to survive and grow into the future. For more information, see the Clean Hands™ Book page as desired.

Patented Dynamic® Swingweighting is a legitimate technical improvement of the traditional golf club swingweight specification and system, which have already been solidly proven for nearing 100 years now. This straightforward advancement has been long overdue and missing mainly due to conspicuously longstanding and embarrassing misconceptions of the original swingweighting specification and system to begin with. Developed by and available exclusively through the WaggleWeight® LLC, Dynamic® Swingweighting critically expands and improves the effectiveness of the traditional swingweight golf club specification, including helping far more golfers toward swinging and playing better than they have ever been able to by way of their clubs. Similar to and building upon traditional swingweighting, the advancement(s) comprises a club balancing scale foundationally having a variable fulcrum feature, supplemented by specialized analysis hardware and/or software to aid in determining where the scale fulcrum location should be placed for balancing the club(s) of any given golfer.

A Golf Grip Hand Structure Efficiency Device is also in development. This IP protected hardware/software analysis device introduces a crucial and totally new measurement parameter to the game of golf. The device objectively measures any given golfer’s hand structure efficiency value, a value then applied where appropriate to help the golfer’s performance (by way of swing and/or clubfitting improvement[s]) become better and more efficient. Further details about the device and its use will come to light over time.

Consulting (which can comprise educating, instructing, advising, and/or counseling as examples) is also offered on business and personal levels regarding relevant topics. Please visit the Consultations page for important information including current availability. It is stated again here that despite being initially developed based upon certain attributes and challenges of golf, various elements of the products and services developed by the WaggleWeight® LLC can indeed be applied and extremely beneficial to countless other activities as well (both sporting and non-sporting in nature). And activity and/or equipment fitting performance can potentially be improved more than with aids specifically directed toward such activities.

Consultation Services are offered under the Clean Hands(TM) brand

Information here will of course be amended as appropriate. Products and services (not all listed here) bearing trademark symbols of the company including those displayed on this page, can help achieve levels of personal and/or business golf-related success only dreamt about when utilizing products/services bearing other symbols and directed at swing and/or clubfitting improvement or development. As applicable, please reference the Intellectual Property and Investment page for awareness of laws for instance governing the use and/or application of products or services protected by any intellectual property rights not limited to patents, trademarks, and copyrights. The page also includes information regarding possible business associations with the WaggleWeight® LLC in any number of various capacities (not limited to those mentioned) and any inquiries thereof.