Waggle Weight Wisdom™ Glossary

This specialized glossary (still under construction) is hardly intended to be a comprehensive defining of all terms related to and/or commonly used in the game of golf.  Rather, it is largely intended as (though not expressly limited to) an alphabetical listing of original terms first devised in developing the articles cumulatively known as the Waggle Weight Wisdom™ body of work.  These terms, often satirical in nature, can easily stand on their own from perspectives of both entertainment and impact values as they relate to the past, current, and/or potentially future states of the golf industry.  Links are oftentimes provided to when and where the terms were utilized for the first time.  However, serious terms related to the contents of the articles (even if expected to be well known already by those sufficiently skilled in a relevant area) will also be included here if deemed helpful toward understanding the context of the work better.  If coming across any particular terminology within the Waggle Weight Wisdom™ body of work or other material(s) by the WaggleWeight® Company not included within this glossary but perhaps justifiably should be, please consider contacting the company.  Thank you.