Trade Talk: In Golf?

I will be blunt.  There are several things about golf I have grown to dislike, and under the right conditions I would leave the game behind in a heartbeat.  Even before I say the following I regret it, but I say it anyhow because there is just so much truth to it.  If golf were in essence one of the “free” sports that could routinely be played out on a street corner or playground, able to be worked at and enjoyed even by those in the poor Chicago neighborhoods, it strikes me that many of the things the golfing world still cannot seem to figure out on its own about a golf swing, related equipment, and more, would have been grasped long ago.  Now the majority of those involved in golf are upstanding individuals, with many indeed that come from extremely humble backgrounds to enjoy great success in the game.  Nevertheless, even in the United States there is still a degree of overall exclusivity about the game, as even many middle-class people cannot regularly afford to play it.  Potentially connected, there is a bit more of an existence of conspicuous people in golf who too often display words and actions that indicate a golf swing may truly be the hardest thing they ever tried, a mindset then inflicted on the masses.  Other current traits have also admittedly tarnished my opinion some of golf.  Even when I am at the top of my game playing-wise, I find myself at times embarrassed to say I am a professional golfer.  I would not totally rule out simply enjoying any Waggle Weight patents on the wall that I might receive, while sitting back and watching the golf industry continue to use antiquated swingweighting, or even worse the most recent revival of moment of inertia golf club matching (tried and failed multiple times already, with good reason, including before swingweight was invented) for the next eighteen-plus years.  So I am proposing a trade to get myself out of this mess I got myself into.

What I have to offer is the Waggle Weight assets, which are still developing as a relatively new business.  This comprises four pending patents (analyses of the applications have begun, with good optimism for being granted) for monopolizing certain aspects of the golf club field during the above period, and includes the advanced Waggle Weight specification itself and the scale for conveniently applying the specification.  The possibility of receiving even a small share of revenue from each golf club produced utilizing the upgraded fitting/making method is very intriguing.  I must also add in my knowledge of clubfitting, which when applied may help influence and control the direction of some golf-related businesses in the future.  The Waggle Weight trademark name would be included, of which I am quite satisfied in the early going as to the reputation the mark is developing.  Plus there is still another patent that I see as potentially being even more valuable than Waggle Weight, which in essence precedes that specification.  It discloses a much more efficient and basic learning process of a golf swing and also organizes clubfitting into what it truly should be.  The process will be secured before I release my next post.

It may be possible to obtain the above assets for no money and just a trade.  All I ask for in return is a simple arranging of financing for me to successfully purchase the Chicago Cubs.  They will be sold after this playing season.  Now I certainly do not believe that kind of money exists in golf, and rightly so, but I could be mistaken.  Instead, the one who may be able to take control of the Waggle Weight holdings would more likely possess great political-type power rather than money power, which probably does not exist in golf either, even for Tiger.  In lieu of funds to make an outright purchase of the baseball team, official introductions and negotiations with the new owner(s) to secure me a major position to help run the team might actually suffice.  Such a trade may be highly beneficial to all involved, putting me back where I may well belong (being a debatable Honus Wagner relative), and keeping golf on the road it is accustomed to and appears to cherish.

But alas, it seems that my dream of being traded, while extremely serious, must come to an end at least for today as I near my word limit for this post.  I shall now return to the business of hitting a ball that just sits still and the boredom at times of actually having to wait to do so instead of the quickness required and downright fear I sometimes feel in the course of other activities.  Perhaps I will feel differently as I continue to age, but at fifty-something now I cannot say I sense this coming anytime soon.  Despite my intense desire to be traded, I will continue to make do just fine in golf.  There are in fact some aspects about golf I really like that are not available elsewhere.  After making you wait long enough because of background information I deemed essential to disclose before continuing, I believe I am ready to begin “Clubfitting 101” in my next post.  However, because there is a slight delay in preparing and protecting some new intellectual property, and also due to other critical tasks like resolving patent details at this time, I may take a relatively short break now from writing this column.  I have every intention of moving forward with this work from here, as I have barely begun.  I suppose stranger things have happened, however, so in the interim I ask you to please spread word of the Waggle Weight Wisdom blog’s existence as much as possible, potentially helping to secure its future.  If struggling with golf club fitting and wanting help sooner on a personal/business level (inferior skill leading to clubfitting failure is assured based upon currently taught principles), then consultations are available.