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At the nucleus of comprehending both how a golf swing is formed and the development of golf clubs, the specification of swingweight is utilized by practically every player and golf club manufacturer at every level of skill.  This unique parameter has firmly held its ground in the course of changes to golf clubs from wood to steel to graphite and other material shafts, wrapped-on leather to slip-on rubber to other exotic material grips, and many other technological advancements.  Through the years, swingweighting has been challenged by numerous other methods to try and make golf clubs better for players, but the 1930’s designed system remains the concept of choice today for most in the field.  Unfortunately, the swingweight system itself has never been upgraded even though the technology has existed for decades to do so.  The reason for this is simple: the parameter’s action has always been very poorly understood.  The ignorance of swingweighting is partially responsible for the stifled improvements in golfers relative to literal explosions in other areas of golf equipment progress, but this need not be the case any longer.

Although only a discussion of a single golf club specification, the report Swing With Swingweight No More: An Introduction To Waggle Weight provides more relevant information in twenty-five pages about how an efficient golf swing develops and how to effectively fit golf clubs to players than many other complete books on these subjects.  Now you can win your own copy and have this critical information at your disposal to help your personal game and/or business, by improving your knowledge about a golf swing and clubfitting.  A summarization of the article can be found at

Beginning the week of November 5, 2006 and continuing for 52 consecutive weeks, 52 copies (one per each week’s entrants) will be given away to those who best help promote the word of Waggle Weight™ throughout the golfing world.  The goal is to make the Waggle Weight concept familiar to all golfers and other individuals involved in the golf industry.  This is a research project of sorts to help determine how much, if any, interest and demand there may be for Waggle Weight products and/or services and to obtain other data.  The faster and more extensively awareness of the method spreads, the sooner such patent pending products and services will likely become available for individuals and golf related businesses to help improve golfer performance.

Weeks will start on Sunday, end on Saturday, and be based on United States Eastern Time.  Simply click on “E-mail the Blog’s Author” in the right-hand column of the Waggle Weight Wisdom Blog Front Page or address an e-mail to, and send a message stating how you introduced others to visit the Waggle Weight Website/Blog.  As reserves the right to confirm any statements made, e-mails should contain adequate information to verify what was done if proof is deemed necessary.  There are an almost unlimited number of ways to participate if desired.  This might include announcing the Waggle Weight site(s) to a group of people, opening up the subject on internet golf forums or other discussion avenues, bringing the Waggle Weight concept to the attention of influential individuals such as reporters interested in covering the subject, touring professionals, or executives of golf organizations or manufacturers, posting a Waggle Weight notice within one’s website or place of business, or many other possibilities.

The entry that best helps publicize Waggle Weight each week, as judged by, will win a copy of an article that will forever change golf swing and clubfitting theory for the better.  This advancing of knowledge, secured via the author’s authoritative deciphering of Waggle Weight and its predecessor swingweight, may supply you with a decisive advantage over your golfing competition whether in playing or business.  The decisions of are final.  Depending on the number of entries and/or inquiries received, some winners’ information, such as names and localities, may need to be regularly published on the Waggle Weight Wisdom website, therefore all who choose to enter agree to this stipulation.  This contest may be cancelled at any time at the sole discretion of respects your privacy just as much as it values its own.  This business does not in any way distribute the names or addresses of anyone communicating with the company for commercial use by anybody else, nor has this company ever sent out any unsolicited e-mail advertising.  We are painfully aware that our website name has been hijacked by spammers and made to look as though e-mails come from us, which apparently is not that difficult to do.  Such communications are not from us.  If we knew how to prevent this from being done, we would act on it immediately.  Notwithstanding the unauthorized use of our domain name, which can unfortunately bring bad publicity but nonetheless free publicity, the WaggleWeight Company has no current plans to alter its name or contact information.  Good luck to those who wish to enter!