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A press release(s) might contain useful supplemental information not available elsewhere regarding the history, development(s), and/or direction(s) of a company and any coinciding products and/or services, and/or presented in a different context(s) than anywhere else as examples. For a proper frame of reference, the press release(s) should be interpreted within the context of the date(s) the information was originally released. To point out the relevance of this, an advanced golf club specification originally developed and introduced by the WaggleWeight® Company was initially given the name of Waggle Weight and referred to solely by that particular name in earlier press releases and other documentation by the company. But as further development occurred, the name of the specification was officially changed to that of Dynamic® Swingweight approximately late November or early December of 2017. Being built upon prior relevant improvements, such older and newer developments can be more meaningfully referenced and/or analyzed when considering them along a more definitive timeline.

September 1, 2022

Clean Hands™ Book Forever Changes Golfing Fundamentals for the Better

Glendale Heights, IL – September 1, 2022 – Forever changing the most foundational aspects of golfing for the better, the WaggleWeight® LLC has released a book uniquely titled, “Ridding the Golf Industry of Those Having Unclean Hands: Proper Swing and Clubfitting Principles Administered with Clean Hands™.” The work includes pointing out some of the countless entities that have continuingly helped to keep golfers (along with swing instructors and clubfitters as other examples) in the dark regarding even the most rudimental workings of swinging and equipment fitting. Historically this has contributed to ceaseless and commonly well-deserved (though often entertaining) ridiculing of golf and many associated with the game in various capacities. But first and foremost the book discloses far more correct principles toward learning, improving at, and/or enjoying the game.

Briefly, the work breaks down certain facets of swinging and clubfitting into smaller elements than ever before and reassembles them far more properly than previously possible. This profoundly alters and improves swing and clubfitting fundamentals from the ground up. While the principles as exposed can be applied to either swinging or clubfitting separately (and for basically any swinging style), these two primal aspects of golfing are also correctly linked together within the book. This critical linking has never been properly accomplished before, previously resulting in these two integral trades of the game oftentimes working against or conflicting with rather than complementing one another. The work is merely the first available of numerous associated products and services designed by the company that will help guide crucially needed overhauling and advancing of certain essentials of golf (https://waggleweight.com/products-and-services/).

Unlike the glut of worthless, often preposterous products and/or services perpetuated throughout golf’s history, the Clean Hands™ book presents well-grounded concepts, theories, and practices that have been around essentially as long as man. Yet farcically golf has apparently not been able to ascertain them for various reasons (reasons also described within the work). In view of this, an approach that fittingly includes satirical humor is frequently utilized. While certain attributes of the game might make the book seem more necessary or valuable for those associated with golf, the matters as disclosed are quite universal in nature. Thus, lessons displayed can also be effectually applied to numberless other activities and walks of life (both sporting and non-sporting alike). So globally the work can be extremely beneficial toward analyzing and/or improving performance pertaining to uncountable other pursuits as well.

According to author and WaggleWeight® LLC founder Bill Kostuj (https://waggleweight.com/about-waggleweight/), “Any golfer opting for a swinging lesson, clubfitting process, purchasing any related equipment, or playing a round of golf (real or even simulated) as examples before learning the book’s complete contents is doing himself or herself a grave disservice.” Kostuj further adds, “Any so-called trade professional (individual or organizational in nature) involved with but hardly limited to golf swing instruction or clubfitting not learning and complying with the work’s far more proper principles (as authorized) will justifiably be laughed out of the business as the principles become better known.”

Symbolically priced at the rate of just a dozen commonly purchased golf balls, the book contains unprecedented and invaluable instruction and education applicable for a lifetime, and for a cost comparable to a number of balls some might use up during a single round of golf. “Ridding the Golf Industry of Those Having Unclean Hands: Proper Swing and Clubfitting Principles Administered with Clean Hands™” is now attainable for one’s personal, noncommercial use (potentially contractible for business or organizational use). The work is available only as a downloadable PDF e-book at this point and solely through the WaggleWeight® LLC, with the primary purchasing website address being https://waggleweight.com/clean-hands-book/.

Image of Mr. Gullible Golfer
Mr. (or Ms.) Gullible Golfer as represented here has become much more common and concerning than ever throughout the game of golf. But the literacy contained within the book “Ridding the Golf Industry of Those Having Unclean Hands: Proper Swing and Clubfitting Principles Administered with Clean Hands™” can help to drastically reduce the superabundance of golfers that can so readily be classified and perceived as such.
Image of Hand Structure Comparison
Critical facts respecting numerous foundational elements, seemingly unknown within golf previously, are contained in the book “Ridding the Golf Industry of Those Having Unclean Hands: Proper Swing and Clubfitting Principles Administered with Clean Hands™.” Just one such fact comprises which one of these gripping structures helps to achieve far more successful and efficient swinging and clubfitting (and crucially why).

February 7, 2013

WaggleWeight® Blasts Bungling Golf Club Fitting Industry in New Article Series

Glendale Heights, Illinois – February 7, 2013 – As part of an effort to ultimately turn the golf club fitting industry into a more successful and respected trade, the Waggle Weight Wisdom™ golf instructional column (http://waggleweight.com/section/waggle-weight-wisdom/) has recently concluded a fifty-five part article series titled “The Terrible Twos Syndrome of Golf Club Fitting.”  Currently free, this series denounces the continuing overall performance of the clubfitting industry through exposing major deficiencies in golf club fitting theories and practices previously developed by various individuals and organizations.  The series then corrects these deficiencies through instructing the proper understanding and performance of more accurate theories and practices.

Whether performed by major club manufacturers, golf shops, or clubfitters certified by scattered independent organizations as just several examples, the golf club fitting trade has universally accumulated an extremely poor performance record and reputation over time.  This has been largely due to the widespread use of faulty golf club fitting theories and practices deeply rooted in every level of this industry.  It is not unusual for golfers to swing and play notably worse instead of better after being fit for golf clubs based upon today’s clubfitting protocols.  The ongoing bungling ways of the golf club fitting trade as a whole have observably dragged down the entire golf industry more and more through the years.  This will continue until this trade, whose success is crucial to the future health and growth of the game, is capably overhauled.

The column employs wit and biting sarcasm, introducing many satirical terms about the golf industry’s development to date.  But most importantly, keen insight reveals multiple elements, including extremely basic elements previously escaping the clubfitting trade.  According to the column’s author and WaggleWeight® Company president Bill Kostuj, “Fitting golf clubs to golfers is genuinely a more difficult endeavor than fitting equipment in most all other activities largely due to the unique circumstance of switching between individual golf clubs for practically every swing.  And with no comparable precedents for the industry to reference, perhaps some leniency should be shown toward the clubfitting trade.  Yet some of the laughably poor clubfitting (and related golf swing) theories and practices this industry adheres to simply cannot be attributed to this circumstance.”

Just a sampling of the faulty procedures addressed in this series that are still widely used throughout the clubfitting trade includes the quick, static, and impertinent mail-order-type method Kostuj calls the “grip-on-a-stick” method for fitting the critical club specification of one’s grip size.  Also is the resurfacing (yet again) and increased use of late by many clubfitters of Moment of inertia (MOI) golf club matching (exposed by Kostuj to be more aptly termed “Moment of Insanity” with respect to a golf club matching concept).

The Terrible Twos Syndrome of Golf Club Fitting” series joins other WaggleWeight® publications including the earlier eleven part series entitled “Decoding One’s True Golf Swing DNA,” the first work to correct certain chronic fallacies in past golf swing theories and practices.  Further, there is the independent booklet titled “Swing With Swingweight (Swing Weight) No More: An Introduction to Waggle Weight,” the first work to correctly and fully detail the causes and effects of golf club swingweight after roughly seventy-five years of basically constant confusion regarding the specification within the golf industry.  Kostuj states, “As this information becomes more widely known, the clubfitting industry will need to align itself with these more accurate theories and practices or this industry will ultimately become totally extinct.”

About the WaggleWeight® Company

The WaggleWeight® Company and the Waggle Weight Wisdom™ body of work, which can comprise multiple sections, have been established by owner Bill Kostuj.  He has the unique qualifications of being a long-time professional golfer, supplemented by considerable experience participating in numerous athletic activities for excellent reference purposes before even taking up golf seriously at a somewhat later age.  Plus he has a formal education in engineering.  Kostuj is also the inventor of the patented waggle weight golf club specification, a technical advancement of already-proven golf club swingweight.  Consultations for individuals or companies are available, and inquiries are welcomed regarding investing, licensing, partnering, or other potential business interests.

May 5, 2009

Patents Issued for New Golf Club Specification Named Waggle Weight

Glendale Heights, Illinois, USA – May 5, 2009 – Two United States patents have been issued to the WaggleWeight™ Company for the advanced golf club specification named “waggle weight,” expected to forever improve the way golf clubs are constructed for a large percentage of golfers.

The critically important waggle weight specification, a derivative of the already long-proven golf club specification of swingweight, actually deciphers golfer fulcrum point location instead of just blindly using the one-size-fits-all, fourteen-inch dimension that has become synonymous with swingweighting. Not previously implemented because of a widespread misunderstanding of swingweight and what it attempts to accomplish, the eighty-year-old swingweighting specification can be a rather poor fit for a considerable number of golfers. But in using the more advanced waggle weight specification, golfers’ clubs can feel more consistent at the moment each swing starts, putting golfers on a more equal level with those in other activities who repeatedly use the exact same equipment.

According to WaggleWeight Company president Bill Kostuj, “Providing an ill-fitting fulcrum point location to balance a golfer’s clubs around is comparable to providing a baseball pitcher with a different weight baseball every time he is about to throw a pitch and then questioning why he does not perform as well as when each ball is the same weight. Both the pitching motion and the corresponding pitch results can be expected to be quite inconsistent with a constant switching of baseball weights. When golfing, not only can one’s ball contact and travel results be less consistent if the waggle weight golf club specification is not used, but one can also easily begin to believe that his underlying golf swing is inadequate and less developed than it really is. The foundational waggle weight specification is about as basic to playing good golf as breathing is to living.”

The WaggleWeight Company is presently open to discussions with others that may want to be involved with the waggle weighting of golf clubs by way of licensing, purchasing, and/or investing in various aspects of the technology. The most authoritative source for finding anyone else that may become authorized to apply waggle weighting is through the company’s own Waggle Weight Wisdom™ instructional website at http://www.waggleweight.com/blog/.

United States Patent Number 7,509,842 covers the general method for determining a golf club waggle weight specification value and making a golf club with the determined value, while Patent Number 7,509,843 covers the waggle weight scale, an improvement over the swingweight scale. Other features of waggle weighting are still patent pending in the US. Waggle weight is also patent pending in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The company has also recently secured patent pending status for technology it feels may be even more important to golf’s future than waggle weighting. This newer intellectual property utilizes the unusual gripping method used in golf (usually an overlapping or interlocking of the hands) for the purpose it is truly intended for, that of performing one’s true golf swing using only the limbs of one’s body, without the need for any inherently inconsistent golf clubs. A highly advantageous and virtually necessary process due to the constant switching between different clubs in the normal course of golfing, the limb-only swing is used as one’s root golf swing for purposes of golf grip/swing development and to reference against when fitting golf clubs to one’s root swing.

About the Waggle Weight Company

The WaggleWeight Company was founded by golf professional Bill Kostuj. His experience includes a strong athletic background led by intense pursuits of playing careers in baseball and golf at different points, coupled with a formal engineering education. He is uniquely qualified and perceptive in understanding, applying, and reporting the technical and non-technical aspects of a golf swing and golf clubs. As a result, more effective golfing products and services are being developed by the company.

September 15, 2005

WaggleWeight Company Unveils a New Golf Club Specification to Help Golfers

Glendale Heights, IL – September 15, 2005 – A modernization of swingweight (swing weight), which has literally gone unchanged since the 1930’s, the WaggleWeight Company has disclosed an advanced golf club specification, aptly named Waggle Weight™. This long-overdue betterment will promote improved swinging and performance for golfers through a more precise fit of their clubs.

In an article published by company founder Bill Kostuj titled Swing With Swingweight (Swing Weight) No More: An Introduction To Waggle Weight, the golf professional reveals that while swingweighting can indeed affect one’s entire golf swing, including its comprehensive rhythm and timing, the parameter’s foundation is in fact traced back to a golfer’s waggling motion during the pre-swing. “That is where swingweight’s 14-inch fulcrum balance comes into play,” notes Kostuj, adding, “Nearly a century of puzzlement concerning the application of this proven, yet mysterious golf club parameter is finally put to rest. Consistent perceptions of any golf club’s ‘heft’ from the fullest, hardest of swings down to the smallest, most subtle chips (and everything in between) are crucial toward successful play, and such a specification can only be achieved when it is originated within one’s swing preparation.” With this knowledge comes the realization that far too many golfers cannot adequately exploit the present system. As can be noted by observing players’ pre-swing movements, swingweightings’s current configuration may actually be hurting more golf swings than it is helping. No level of playing ability is immune from adverse effects if the parameter fits poorly.

Due to difficulties that can be encountered in precisely positioning golfers’ fulcrum (waggle weight) points when utilizing only human observation, the evolution of Waggle Weight™ from antiquated swingweight will include bringing the specification into the computer age for optimum effectiveness. Unlike most other recent clubfitting innovations, however, which have focused primarily on altering the flight characteristics of a golf ball, “Waggle Weight can aid in genuine swing improvement for golfers,” states Bill emphatically. Today’s hardware/software advancements will be taken advantage of to create a superior golf club balancing system. Kostuj is currently seeking parties to help further develop the multifaceted, patent pending technology, which will include special application software, redesigned scales, and of course Waggle Weighted golf clubs. The premium club fitting/building technique will give all golfers an opportunity to swing more consistently via the fit of their golf clubs.

About the WaggleWeight Company

The WaggleWeight Company was started by Bill Kostuj, golf professional since 1978 and holding an electronics engineering degree since 1977. A latecomer to golf after early years of devotion to baseball, Bill was born, raised, and still resides in the Chicago area. With a multi-sport competition background plus sufficient, relevant engineering knowledge providing a solid foundation, Kostuj has also added extensive experience regarding a golf swing and its related equipment as a result of years of intense pursuit to play golf for a living. His exposition Swing With Swingweight (Swing Weight) No More: An Introduction To Waggle Weight™ is summarized at https://waggleweight.com/. The full article is available at no charge to qualified individuals for reviewing/reporting. Other writings are located within the affiliated Waggle Weight Wisdom™ body of work, which can comprise various sections, at http://waggleweight.com/section/waggle-weight-wisdom/. Additional products/services to solve yet other still-misunderstood golf matters are being planned for the future.