Intellectual Property and Investment

Intellectual Property: WaggleWeight® products and services include but are not limited to the fitting/making of golf clubs for golfers utilizing the advanced Dynamic™ Swingweight golf club specification, golfer/golf club pre-swing rotation point location devices, and balancing scales to measure the Dynamic™ Swingweight specification covered under US Patent Numbers 7,509,843 and 8,074,495, and also patented similarly in Australia (2005302549) and Canada (2,583,687).  Additional US Patent Application Numbers cover the advanced Clean Hands™ Method and Device(s) that apply to both swing development and clubfitting processes (15/210,798) and that will forever change these facets of the game of golf for the better, and the Golf Grip Hand Structure Efficiency Device and Method of Use (15/784,128), which will do likewise for the game.

The WaggleWeight® name is US Registered Service Mark Number 4,030,412.  The same name has been separately approved and registered as a product trademark, though no registration number has been received yet as of the time of this particular updating.  While not yet registered, trademarks additionally and officially developed by and already being put to use by the WaggleWeight® Company include Waggle Weight Wisdom™, Clean Hands™, and Dynamic™, all of which will be more explicitly defined regarding their usages and coverages in due time.  Registered Copyrights include but are not limited to all Waggle Weight Wisdom™ materials, fully anticipated to ultimately become THE standard and most referenced materials comprising golf swing and clubfitting theory and practice, as comprehensively the materials are far more correct than any predecessor materials concerning the same matters.

Licensing or Endorsing: Clubfitters, clubfitting organizations, swing instruction entities, product manufacturers, and/or other entity types may if interested be eligible for licensing or endorsing by the visionary WaggleWeight® Company.  Such an association may permit the use of one or more intellectual properties comprising patents, trademarks, and/or copyrights that could help an entity achieve considerably greater operating success.  Such intellectual property continues to be developed and made available by the WaggleWeight® Company.  The company is expected to remain at the forefront of correcting, completing, and/or leading in entirely new directions as justified from flawed golf industry directions of the past related to swing and clubfitting theories and practices as well as other matters, thus revolutionizing many aspects of the golf industry that need it very badly into the future.

Complete and total training or retraining from any given entity’s current state of golf swing and/or clubfitting knowledge to that required in order to be suitably licensed or endorsed by the WaggleWeight® Company may not necessarily be required.  There are multiple factors involved and this would have to be determined and performed on an individual, customized basis.  There are no generalized formal classes currently taking place or planned for instructing correct basic through advanced golf swing and/or clubfitting principles.  Acceptable levels of achievement in areas like but not limited to knowledge, skill, and/or integrity generally need to be shown for any licensing or endorsing agreement to be beneficial for all involved.

Sale and Investment: Although not planned presently, the sale of any individual elements of the company, or even the company as a whole, can never be ruled out under the right circumstances.  The WaggleWeight® Company is a shrewd business concern foundationally set up to endure and be very successful into its future.  The company will be forever renowned for creating, implementing, and influencing some of the most important new developments in products and/or services throughout the history of the game of golf.  The WaggleWeight® Company is always interested in and open to considering investment capital with an active or passive investor(s), a working partner(s), and/or any other involvement capacities to possibly help the company better develop its current products/services and potentially new products/services as well.

Please feel free to contact the WaggleWeight® Company for additional information if desired.