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I know it is typically ignored, like trudging through a long contract in many cases. But even if just quickly browsing through the published posting terms of most if not all of the noted forums, one would promptly learn that they are anything but fair, equal, and open. And as a result they habitually produce extremely poor quality material. They are in fact commonly quite biased, regularly participated in by countless so-called “experts.” Many of them post thousands (if not tens of thousands) of times while having no idea what they are writing about, particularly regarding certain golf swing and clubfitting topics.

Exact details can vary from site to site. But such terms can range from sites in essence owning anything that is posted by anyone, prohibiting self-linking to any new educational material developed by anyone that is not a paying sponsor, and/or moderators and/or administrators (people that are often the least knowledgeable regarding the above topics) routinely having the power to alter anything posted in any manner desired. This is just a small sampling of various terms.

No one with half a brain would ever post any original and/or protectable material on sites having such terms, especially advanced material that is lawfully the first to correct the countless faulty swing and clubfitting concepts within the game of golf that have been published in the past. Forums having such terms lack integrity and show little to no respect for the postings of participants. This is certainly reflected in the second-rate quality and reputation that such sites have overall. The common result is a glut of self-proclaimed know-it-all participants that are really just pretenders and really only capable of rehashing faulty materials of the past over and over and over again.

On the whole and since becoming rather commonplace, such forums and the laughable nonsense they continue to produce have actually been noticeably contributing to the delinquency, declining popularity and reputation of, and participation in the game of golf. That is a real shame. I am sure that everyone has heard about how fallacious information can potentially be as found on the Internet. Present golf forums prove how very true this can be, so beware. But perhaps in the future there will be one or more sites developed that will be of far higher quality and actually help the game of golf rather than hurt it.